Question: Where can I go to Singapore at night?

Where can I go at night in Singapore for free?

Top 10 best free things to do in Singapore at night!Gardens by the Bay Garden Rhapsody. Gardens by the Bay puts on an impressive show nightly and its totally free! 56th level of ION Orchard. Walk the Southern Ridges. MAAD Flea. Botanic Gardens. Somerset Skate Park. Keppel Island.May 29, 2017

What can you do in Singapore at midnight?

BEST Things To Do In Singapore At Night That Dont Involve Going To The ClubGo cosmic bowling at K Bowling Club. (image) Watch the spectacular lights show at Marina Bay. (image) All aboard the board game cafe. (image) Go fly a kite. (image) Feast! (image) Midnight Shopping. (image) Grab A Bouquet. (image) Try Prawning.More items •Oct 6, 2020

Where can I go alone in Singapore at night?

Go museum hopping.Watch a movie the cool way.Travel back in time with the old charms of Pulau Ubin.Stargaze at the Science Centre Observatory.Help out at an animal shelter.Go thrift shopping at the Salvation Army.Enjoy a theatrical dinner.Sing to a crowd at an open mic event.More items

How can I live alone in Singapore?

If you simply want a room to yourself, you could always simply just rent a co-living space, in which you pay for a room and your share of the utilities. Or if youre more particular with the way you live and have more cash to spare, you could always rent an entire HDB or condo unit.

How much does it cost to visit Gardens by the Bay?

Gardens by the Bay Ticket PricesRatesNon-residents (Two conservatories)Aerial walkwayAdult$28$8Senior citizen(over 60)$28$8Child(3-12)$15$5

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