Question: Is Lisdoonvarna on this year?

As the Government have advised that there should be no large-scale indoor events until the whole population has been vaccinated, this years Lisdoonvarna Festival has regrettably been cancelled.

Is Lisdoonvarna festival going ahead?

The festival has been taking place for the last 160 years. Scheduled to take place in September of this year, the festival announced the sad news that it would not be going ahead, earlier this week on their social media accounts.

Why is Lisdoonvarna famous?

Lisdoonvarna, in North Clare, is Irelands premier Spa town and is famous for its music and festival – while it is also perfectly placed for visits to the Burren National Park. Origin of Name: Lisdoonvarna takes its name from the Irish Lios Duin Bhearna” meaning Enclosure of the Fort in the Gap.

Where was Hallmark movie As Luck Would Have It?

Ireland Where was As Luck Would Have It filmed? As Luck Would Have It was entirely shot in Ireland including the famous Cliffs of Moher.

Where was the hallmark movie As Luck Would Have It?

Filmed at Howth Castle which in real life is being bought by an American company and being turned into a hotel as proposed in film. It is reported as being one of the longest continuously-inhabited private homes in Europe.

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