Question: What should you not do during separation?

How should I behave during separation?

Coping With Separation And DivorceRecognize that its OK to have different feelings. Give yourself a break. Dont go through this alone. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically. Avoid power struggles and arguments with your spouse or former spouse. Take time to explore your interests. Think positively.More items

How do you live together when separated?

She strongly recommends that couples follow these guidelines until the separation becomes physical and legal.Establish and respect physical boundaries. Work out a financial agreement. Divide up responsibilities. Do not sleep together. Make house rules. Draw the social lines.Aug 28, 2013

Who moves out in separation?

In the event of a separation, both parties are entitled to live in the family home. It does not matter who has legal ownership of the house. One party cannot force the other to leave the house and there is no law which enables you to kick the other person out.

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