Question: Is Bustr a hookup app?

GoMatch Limited As the No. 1 BBW dating app, Bustr is the perfect platform to find dates whether youre traveling, too busy for a relationship or youre just coming out of one. Bustr is the highly recommended app as it provides all users with prominent and secure dating service that caters to curvy dating.

Is Bustr app free?

Free join Bustr to find chat & date. You can join Bustr to find your chats & dates without spending a penny. Bustr also provides a number of basic features that can be used to help members find what they want. While Bustr is available for free, we also offer an optional premium service with valuable price.

What is Scamalytics?

Tim Taylor COO, Free Dating Platform. Scamalytics is an essential real-time smart assistant for Lovestruck. It empowers our moderation team, reduces their workload and helps ensure the highest levels of quality and curation that our members demand.

What is a high risk IP?

An IP is categorized as High Risk based on multiple factors including whether the IP origin is from a TOR Network exit node, behind an Anonymous/Elite proxy, has been blacklisted for suspicious/spam activity, or whether the IP origin is in a country that is considered High Risk for fraudulent activity.

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