Question: Is there such a thing as a dating photographer?

There are only a handful of good to great photographers who know how to take natural, candid photos for dating profiles. Photos are the most important thing and often the first thing people notice on your profile but it is not the only thing they notice.

Is Snappr legit?

Is Snappr a scam? Definitely not! Snappr works by selecting professional photographers in your area and inviting them to join Snapprs platform. The photographer will arrive at your desired location ready to go, and you will receive photos in your Snappr account after the shoot is finished.

Are Snappr photographers good?

I had an amazing experience using snappr. The platform made the process of finding a photographer and scheduling a photoshoot quick and easy. I was connected to a really good photographer (Ivan) and all my photos turned out great. He had great suggestions and we are so happy with the final photos.

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