Question: What do you say to your ex best friend?

What should I text my ex-best friend?

Im sorry I hurt you. When I ended things, it wasnt because you didnt have value as a person. I cherish our time together. When I think back to some of the crazy things we did, I laugh and think of you fondly. I hope youve found an amazing BFF. I dont regret it. You helped make me the woman I am.Apr 29, 2015

Is it OK to talk to your ex-best friend?

Communication is key here. You may just be curious about your exs best friend, and maybe itll even go somewhere real if they happen to be interested as well. In any event, if the split was amicable, its always best practice to respect someones wishes, so if theyre okay with it, its totally acceptable.

How do I deal with my ex-best friend?

How to Move on From a Best Friend BreakupKnow that not all friendships are meant to be forever.Dont forget the good parts.Accept that theres no such thing as getting over it or moving on.Appreciate the support system you still have.Dont be afraid to talk about it.Be realistic about your role in it.More items •Jun 17, 2019

Should your friends be friends with your ex?

Breakups are tough enough to deal with without having a falling out with your friends, too. Having to share friends with your ex is far from ideal, but its not the end of the world. Good friends should still be able to have your back, even without cutting off your ex.

How do you make some one miss you?

How To Make Someone Miss You PsychologyStop texting him.The waiting game.Always be the first one to hang up.Have a signature.Dont give away everything.Leave things “accidentally“Use social media as your weapon.Be busy when he asks you out.More items •Aug 12, 2021

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