Question: Is Zurich good for singles?

Where can I meet people in Zurich?

7 Ways to Make Friends in ZurichAt the Office. Sure, this one is obvious. Meetup & Online Forums. Meetup is an online platform to connect people in a casual way based on your interests. Join a Club. Meet Friends of Friends. German Class. Join a Fitness/Sports Group. Volunteer.Jun 30, 2016

Where do rich people go in Switzerland?

Zurich, Switzerlands most populous canton, is in fifth place – which also means it has the most millionaires in total. There are 92 millionaires per 1,000 taxpayers in Zurich. The highest-placing French-speaking canton is Geneva, where there are 62 millionaires per 1,000 taxpayers, followed by Vaud with 57.

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