Question: Why Personality tests are bad?

Scales that measured weight differently each time would be of little use. And thats the very challenge with most personality measures, particularly type-based tests like Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and others that overly categorize people. They arent very valid, for one, but they are also highly unreliable.

Why companies should not use personality tests?

Personality assessments can be expensive to administer for companies, which increases the cost for recruiting and hiring employees. Accuracy. Personality assessments do provide valuable insight about behavior, but they are not 100 percent accurate in gauging how successful prospects will be in their roles. Reliability.

Are personality tests bad?

Research shows that most workplace personality tests are inaccurate—and evidence even points to all personality screening being harmful for both diversity and productivity.

Can you discriminate against personality?

As an initial recognition, personality is not a protected class. So, if the employer is screening for a personality trait it connects with a protected class and makes its decisions based on that trait (possibly as a proxy or substitute for that class), that can constitute discrimination.

Is personality Testing Legal?

No federal law makes administering a personality test in the hiring process illegal per se. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has published guidance that clarifies you can administer personality tests as long as they couldnt be used to identify a mental disorder.

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