Question: Why do guys pull away when they like you?

Why do guys pull away when they like you? Guys pull away when they like you because they are afraid to get hurt. Its a defense mechanism that keeps them safe and makes sure they dont end up getting in too deep, possibly rejected, or heartbroken.

Why do guys push away when they like you?

Someone can push their partner away by saying they are busy with work or other activities, so they dont have the time needed to invest in getting close to others. They can also create unnecessary tension by starting arguments or not putting in any effort, meaning the other person will eventually give up the pursuit.

Why do guys get close then pull away?

He might pretend to be strong enough to embrace pain and hide his wounds, but deep down, he might have developed a sense of insecurity. They may not let you into their soft-spot for fear of getting exploited yet another time and could pull away after getting close.

Will a guy pull away if he has deep feelings for you?

Some men pull away the moment they realize that theyre developing real feelings for you. Unfortunately, this can also happen at the very moment youre realizing that youre developing real feelings for them! This fear of love happens because suddenly there are important stakes involved.

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