Question: How do you date Fiestaware markings?

This is HLCs date coding system which it has used since the 1960s. The letters AA indicate 1986 , BB indicates 1987 , CC indicates 1988 , and so on. The last letter indicates what quarter of the year an item was made. Therefore, A represents the first quarter, followed by B, C and D.

How do you get black marks off Fiestaware?

This can be very easily cured by placing warm water in the cup and a very small drop of regular household cleaner containing bleach. Simply let the pottery soak for a while, rub with dish cloth and rinse thoroughly. Follow by washing as normal in the dishwasher or sink to remove any residue.

What are all the Fiestaware colors?

Tangerine was in production since 2003. Claret was in production since 2016. Fiestas 2018 colors include: Ivory, Slate, Sage, Scarlet, Poppy, Daffodil, Sunflower, Lemongrass, Shamrock, Turquoise, Lapis, Cobalt, Mulberry, and White .Fiesta Dinnerware Introduces Its 50th Color – Mulberry.ThemePrimary ColorsAccent ColorsDesert ChicTurquoise, Sage, MulberryPoppy4 more rows

Is Fiestaware being discontinued?

It is time for us to say goodbye to two colors, and select items so that we can make room for whats new in the Fiesta family! The following 2 Fiesta colors will be discontinued as of October 31, 2021. Limited inventory may be available, while supplies last.

Is fiestaware still made in the USA?

Fiesta Tableware Company has proudly manufactured Fiesta® Dinnerware in Newell, WV, USA since 1936. True to our roots, Fiesta still utilizes manufacturing and hand crafted processes established from its introduction, yielding unique one of a kind characteristics.

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