Question: How to meet people Milwaukee?

Where should I stay away from Milwaukee?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Milwaukee, WIMetcalfe Park. Population 2,673. 248 % North Division. Population 6,023. 235 % Franklin Heights. Population 6,836. 213 % Park West. Population 6,270. 210 % Washington Park. Population 4,448. Garden Homes. Population 3,016. Borchert Field. Population 3,405. Sherman Park. Population 6,916.More items

What is the bad side of Milwaukee?

North Division, Mitchell Park, Franklin Heights, Park West, and Washington Park are also the most dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Neighborhoods like Garden Homes, Sherman Park, and Saint Joseph have crime rates above the national average.

Is Milwaukee a fun place to live?

Young people are drawn to Milwaukees blue-collar roots, relatively low cost of living and exciting new development. Its no surprise the residents are passionate about having fun. Milwaukee has a bustling nightlife, award-winning restaurants, lakefront museums, and a thriving music and arts scene.

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