Question: Where can I go outside in Darwin?

What can you do in Darwin during the day?

Things to do in DarwinEnjoy the famous Mindil Markets. Swim at the Darwin City Lagoon. Swim at the Wave Pool. Visit the NT Museum and Art Gallery. Swim with Crocodiles at Crocosaurus Cove. Walk in the Darwin Botanical Gardens. Relax on a Sunset Champagne Cruise. Go fishing.More items •30 Aug 2021

Is Darwin a good place for a holiday?

Darwin has a storied history and remains the best place to sample the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. Visitors to Darwin are pleasantly surprised by the friendly locals, picturesque scenery and cosmopolitan atmosphere of one of Australias most exciting tourist destinations.

What is there to do in Darwin for free?

10 FREE or Cheap Things to Do in DARWIN, AUSTRALIAMindil Beach.Mindil Sunset Market.George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens.Fannie Bay Gaol.Adelaide River War Cemetery.Bicentennial Park.City Walk.World War II Tunnels.More items

Where can I drive from Darwin?

5 Best Day Trips from Darwin (Self Drive and Tours!)Kakadu National Park.Mary River Wetlands.Tiwi Islands.Litchfield National Park and Adelaide River Cruise.Katherine Gorge.

Is it safe to drive from Darwin to Alice Springs?

The drive between Darwin and Alice Springs is a straight 1500km stretch following the Stuart Highway and there are plenty of things to see and do to break up the trip. Its recommended that you take at least three days to make the most of the journey and travel safely.

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