Question: Can Silver Surfer destroy a universe?

Using the Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer is able to actually harness enough energy to create a blast that is greater than almost any other superhero or villain the Marvel Universe. As shown in Annihilation: Silver Surfer #4, he can absorb, manipulate and then discharge enough energy to destroy an entire planet.

Can Silver Surfer destroy a galaxy?

Yes. Easily. Silver Surfer destroyed solar systems a few times. And his energy created a black hole.

Can Silver Surfer manipulate reality?

He can also retrace his path to any planes of reality and existence he been to before. Soul Manipulation & Soul Resistance: By channelling his cosmic power, Silver Surfer can enter the Astral Planes, in which he describes as the source of his power and even entered it to destroy the soul of a foe.

Can Silver Surfer destroy Thanos?

Before Marvels Infinity Gauntlet saga began, Silver Surfer destroyed Thanos (who turned himself into stone) with his surfboard. Hate to break it to you, but that wasnt actually Thanos. Adam Warlock turned Thanos into a statue in Marvel Two-In-One annual #2. Death later revived Thanos seemingly in a new body.

Is anyone stronger than Silver Surfer?

These two cosmic entities have fought many a time over the course of their histories, and each has had their fair share of victories. If any hero has the power to defeat Silver Surfer, it is proven that that hero is Adam Warlock.

Can Silver Surfer give people powers?

The Silver Surfer wields the Power Cosmic, granting him superhuman strength, endurance, and senses and the ability to absorb and manipulate the universes ambient energy.

Can Thor beat Darkseid?

The Demon God of Evil, Darkseid, is one of DCs most powerful villains. Thor would certainly be thwarted by Darkseid. This fearsome villain would be able to drain the lifeforce from him, and even his godly weaponry doesnt seem like it could withstand Darkseids Omega Beams.

Who can defeat Galactus?

Here are the top 10 contenders who can beat the world eater, Galactus, single-handedly!Mr. Fantastic. Silver Surfer. Another one among characters who defeated Galactus is Silver Surfer. Abraxas. Amastu-Mikaboshi. Doctor Strange. Iron Man. Franklin Richards. Thanos.More items •Nov 8, 2019

Can Superman lift Thors hammer?

Superman explicitly cannot lift Mjolnir.

Who is stronger Juggernaut or Superman?

In DC Versus Marvel #1, Superman beat the Juggernaut with a single punch. Juggernauts strength and speed are both enhanced by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, but his magical momentum is a separate power, and it leaves little room for doubt.

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