Question: How do Scots say hello?

What is Dinna fash?

Dinna fash A reassuring phrase meaning dont worry.

What does Dinna fash mean in Scotland?

dont worry Besom. A grumpy person, typically female. Dinna fash. A reassuring phrase meaning dont worry.

Why do Scots say hen?

Hen - To most of the world, a hen is a female chicken, but in Scots the word is used to mean a woman or girl. Mind - Refers to a persons ability to think and reason, but in Scots the word can also mean remember.

What are some Scottish sayings?

Old Scottish SayingsHaste Ye Back! – Return back with speed – said as a farewell.Lang may yer lum reek! Keep the heid! Hell slap it intae ye! Failing means yer playin! Ill gie ye a skelpit lug! Whits fur yell no go by ye! Skinny Malinky Longlegs!More items •13 Sep 2019

WHO said Lang may yer lum reek?

Harry Lauder Its a braw, bricht, muinlicht nicht (a phrase popularised by the music hall entertainer Harry Lauder) Lang may yer lum reek literally translates to Long may your chimney smoke!, signifying may you live long Help ma Bob! (well known from the comic strip character Oor Wullie)

What is a kebbie lebbie?

Kebbie-lebbie is an altercation carried on by various people speaking at the same time.

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