Question: What should you not say to a Filipina?

How do you offend in the Philippines?

How to piss off FilipinosInsult our food. Never say anything derogatory about our food as one travel blogger did when she said shed rather go hungry than eat our food again. Insult Manila. Assume we are all maids. Insult our heritage. Insult Manny Pacquaio. Disrespect the sacred for the sake of a selfie.7 Jan 2015

How do you show respect to Filipinos?

Showing Respect in the Filipino CultureAddressing elders with “po” at the end of sentences.Answering, “opo” to reply “yes” respectfully.Calling your older sister, “Ate” or your older brother, “Kuya.”Listening respectfully to your parents and teachers.Using “mano po” to request for blessings from your elder relatives.25 Sep 2018

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