Question: Is Badoo an international dating site?

Badoo is a dating-focused social network founded by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev in 2006. It operates in 190 countries and is available in 47 different languages, making it the worlds most widely used dating network. The app is available on iOS, Android, and the web.

Is Badoo an international dating app?

Badoo. Owned by the same company that owns Bumble, Badoo is one of the most popular international dating apps in the world. It currently boasts over 400 million users worldwide and is available in 190 countries and multiple languages.

How does Badoo make money?

How does Badoo make money? Badoo makes money in two main ways: investors and users. These days, Badoo generates most of its revenue through its premium features. Badoo doesnt allow much advertising from outside companies, so ads dont account for a large portion of their revenue.

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