Question: Is mingle a safe dating site?

Mingle2 has a consumer rating of 1.6 stars from 121 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Mingle2 most frequently mention fake profiles, phone number and total scam problems. Mingle2 ranks 263rd among Dating sites.

Is Mingle site safe?

Its of course a scam to get you to pay to respond to these guys mingle pads their site with to attract real paying members. Just another bloated parasitic dating site praying on the blood if people wanting to find companionship. Dont Waste your time and money on this site.

Is mingle dating free?

You can always use Mingle for free and never have to pay to match or chat with anyone. Whether its making friends, finding a date, meeting someone in another country to chat with, relationship or marriage, you can find what you are looking for in our community.

How do you know you are being Catfished?

Heres what to look out for if you think you might be getting catfished.They refuse to video chat with you. They can never send you a selfie in the moment. They wont talk on the phone with you. They always have a reason they cant meet up in person. The people you trust in your life seem suspicious.More items •Sep 12, 2018

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