Question: What is a dab in Hmong culture?

Dab (Kaulim: 다) is a Hmong word that means monster or spirits. They are usually in a form of dark and evil spirits or else good or tricky creatures. The most well known is a Tiger spirit which rules the forest and the Vampire who is feared in funerals.

What does a TXIV Neeb do?

A txiv neebs job is to vanquish the illnesses that plague members of the community. To the Hmong, illness is often a sign that a spirit has been wronged, is seeking revenge or wants to settle a favor bestowed in the past.

What happens at a Hmong funeral?

The funeral procession follows, carrying a casket or open stretcher containing the body. After the funeral and burial, the Hmong people believe that the soul remains at its gravesite for 13 days. Ceremonial rites, including songs and prayers, take place during these 13 days. On the final day, the family performs a xi.

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