Question: Why is it bad to make friends online?

3) One can take their own time to reply and they can easily stop the conversation if they are not comfortable with the person they are talking to. One may never know who they are talking to and so providing too much information about oneself can be risky and very dangerous.

Are online friends good or bad?

“Theyre just as good as real-life friends,” Kasey Lemley said. “You create a bond with them.” Parents may be worried, but experts arent concerned. Internet friends may not know you physically in person in the beginning of the friendship, but the bonds they have can grow stronger than any real-life friendship.

Is internet a good place to make friends?

If theres anything the internet is good for, its connecting like-minded people who would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet. However, as Ive learned from cultivating friendships through the online space, the best way to make friends online is when its safe, polite, and meaningful for both people.

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