Question: Why is it called GoDaddy?

How did GoDaddy get its name? It was originally called Jomax Technologies, a name that came from the dirt road in Maryland that founder Parsons used to pass on his way to work.

Why does it say GoDaddy India?

Most likely, this issue is due to your browser caching information. You would need to be on the US - English version of the site to use support chat. To change your region, please click on the globe icon next to the GoDaddy logo at the top left section of our home page.

Is GoDaddy a word?

(, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, A Web hosting provider, certificate authority and domain registrar. As of 2019, GoDaddy is the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world.

What is GoDaddy known for?

By 2004, GoDaddy was the largest domain registrar and has been ever since. GoDaddy is well known for its domain registrar services, but we are here to talk about GoDaddy for web hosting. While its hosting and WordPress plans are affordable, there are other web hosting providers that offer lower prices.

Why is GoDaddy not in English?

Go to your GoDaddy Contact Preferences page. You might be prompted to log in. In the Language section, select Edit. Select the language you prefer from the Contact country and language list, and then select Save.

Why is GoDaddy best?

GoDaddy is great for beginner website owners that want an affordable and convenient start for their websites with generous storage. GoDaddy also does well with around-the-clock site security monitoring, but other features like SSL certificates are add-ons youll have to purchase as extras.

How reliable is GoDaddy?

Is GoDaddy Reliable? Yes, GoDaddy is reliable. They are in the top ten of web hosting service providers. The uptime of their servers are positive and their speed tests are relatively quick.

How do I change GoDaddy to English?

You can change which language your account and products display in.On the main GoDaddy page, scroll down to the footer, and click the current country and language:Select the country or language youd prefer to use. Your GoDaddy account and product interfaces will immediately update to the new language selected.

What is GoDaddy phone number?

Call a SmartLine expert at (480) 463-8715 for more information.

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