Question: How do I get an eSewa promo code?

Where is offer tab in Esewa?

The offer quota is limited and is subject to availability. After registration, users should redeem their reward from the “Redeem” section of the “Offers” tab located at the bottom of the homepage.

How do I refer and earn in eSewa?

Refer & Earn:Sending the invitation to get registered in eSewa; acceptance of the invitation leads to income of Rs. If the user is already a registered one, the invitation to load eSewa is sent; acceptance and loading eSewa with minimum of Rs.More items

What is eSewa transaction code?

To register in eSewa, type REG in your message and send it to 32121. You will get SMS from eSewa (32121). The SMS contains your eSewa login ID (your mobile number, online login password, and 4 digit MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). Please log in to eSewa using web device.

How much money eSewa refer and earn?

Invite your friends and family today and earn upto Rs. 30 bonus.

How much money can we earn from eSewa refer and earn?

A referrer can earn up to Rs. 30 from single refer (Rs. 5 on registration, Rs. 10 on a minimum of Rs.

Can we hack eSewa?

eSewa, however, denies any hacking or data breach. Releasing a statement on Friday, eSewa said that it has already requested its users using web browser services to change their passwords after noticing that the data of some of its users were accessed illegally through a phishing scam.

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