Question: Whats bad about Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is plagued by corruption and incompetence: there are numerous reports of appropriation of public property for cheap, traffic police can be bought for 20 lev (which can be a good thing to be honest but be careful, you need to receive a cue like the officer telling you, what are we going to do now, etc .),

Is it safe to live in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is generally safe for expats. Foreign citizens, businesses or organizations are rarely targeted. Most occurrences of crime are restricted to the large urban areas. Most locals will maintain that they have experienced one type of crime or another, but these are rarely violent or serious crimes.

Do Bulgarians like foreigners?

Bulgarians don´t trust each other but they trust foreigners a lot and you can take advantage of that. There is no solidarity in the Bulgarian society. Once you find good people and motivate them, you can do miracles.

Should you move to Bulgaria?

There are many reasons to move to Bulgaria. The country has a marked demand for English teachers. The government also offers incentives to people who wish to start their businesses, as it helps the countrys economy. It must be noted that salaries in Bulgaria tend to be low.

Is Bulgaria a nice place to live?

Bulgaria is a pretty safe country and, in fact, one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world. Its a nation of friendly people and low levels of violent crime. However, not everybody in Bulgaria is friendly.

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