Question: What is Kalamazoo MI known for?

Its a major international pharmaceutical and life sciences center; its the original home of the Upjohn Co., Stryker Corp, Gibson Guitars, Checker Motors and Bells Brewery, among many others; the Kalamazoo Gazette is the second oldest newspaper in Michigan; and a century ago, Kalamazoo was so famous for one crop, it

What is the history of Kalamazoo Michigan?

The City of Kalamazoo was founded in 1831, when Titus Bronson (1778-1853) recorded the original plat for the Village of Bronson at the County Register of Deeds Office. Shortly thereafter, Governor Lewis Cass selected the village as the site of the county seat, which spurred the rapid development of the community.

What is the Potawatomi tribe known for?

The Potawatomi Indians were farming people. Potawatomi women planted and harvested corn, beans, squash, and tobacco, as well as gathering wild rice and berries. The men hunted deer, elk, and wild birds and caught fish. The Potawatomis also tapped trees for maple syrup as Michigan people do today.

How do you say hello in Potawatomi?

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What do Potawatomi call themselves?

Neshnabek The Potawatomi call themselves Neshnabek. There are other people who refer to themselves as Anishinabe. Often they are Ojibwe (Ojibwa) or Odawa (Ottawa) people.

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