Question: Who is the best PUBG player?

Whos the best PUBG player?

1. Naman MortaL Mathur. MortaL, otherwise known as SOUL MortaL, is a national champion when it comes to PUBG Mobile. Hes one of the most professional players there is, and he has an enormous social media following.

What is noob player in PUBG?

When you play in a squad, most of the times you will encounter NOOBS in PUBG Mobile. By noobs, I mean players who just have entered the world of Erangel, Sanhok, and weapons. Noobs are actually funny; as they add excitement in the game.

Who is Mr conqueror in PUBG?

Madan Madan, who popularly goes by the name Mr. Conqueror, is an Indian PUBG streamer and a YouTube content creator who is winning fans with his gameplay streams. He streams battle royale game on his YouTube channel regularly. He has gained 528K subscribers on his official channel on YouTube.

Who is Indias best PUBG player?

Top 10 PUBG Players of India#1. SoulMortal – Naman Mathur:#2. 8bit_Thug – Animesh Agarwal:#3. SoulViper – Yash Paresh Soni:#4. SoulReagaltos – Parv Singh:#5. Es_Maxtern:#6. Entity Jonathan – JONATHAN JUDE AMARAL:#7. 8bitRaV3n – Paridhi Khullar:#8. InsJokerFTW – Gourav Joshi:More items

Who is best Assaulter in PUBG?

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players of 2020 :-Suk. Suk from PUBG Mobile team Four Angry Men topped the kills chart at the PMGC 2020, with 149 frags.Ryzen. Third player from Bigetron RA in the top ten list, Muhammad Ryzen Albi plays as an assaulter for the team. 33Svan. Earnny. Gonzo. Paraboy. Zuxxy. Luxxy. More items •Dec 31, 2020

What is max level in PUBG?

100 The highest level you can get to in PUBG Mobile is 100, and most of the gamers at that level are the ones who got into the game early and worked their way up over time. But dont worry, read on for our handy guide on how you can level up quickly in PUBG Mobile.

Who is No 1 PUBG player in the India?

Naman Mathur who is very popularly known as Mortal has become one of the biggest names in the Indian PUBG scene and has proved it as he currently possesses 5 million subscribers and a whopping 580 million combined video views.

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