Question: Who is Nellys girlfriend 2021?

Shantel Jackson is a Miami native; she was born in the city in 1984 and lived most of her life there. The model attended Miami Dame College and the University of Maimi, where she studied acting and psychology. She has two siblings whose roots can be traced to African American, Caucasian, and Indian descent.

Who is Nellys girlfriend?

Shantel Jackson has been dating the rapper, Nelly for almost six years. Audiences were given a closer look into her life when she appeared on the reality show, The Platinum Life on E!. On the show, Jackson opened up about her desire to marry Nelly and his hopes of having children.

How long has Nelly been with girlfriend?

Nelly, 46, and Jackson have been dating since 2014. In February, the rapper told PEOPLE what he felt helped maintain the spark in their relationship: Friends first.

Is Nellys girlfriend in the Lays commercial?

Nelly & Girlfriend Shantel Jackson Star in New Commercial for Lays Chips — See Fan Reactions. Dilemma rapper Nelly and his long-term girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, surprised their fans by unveiling a video clip of the new Lays chips commercial in which they starred together.

Who is the girl in the Frito-Lay commercial?

The Frito-Lay brand is promoting a new habanero flavor To help spread word of the new product, the Frito-Lay brand has enlisted actors Kate McKinnon and Dan Levy to star in an ad campaign. The duo recently worked together on Saturday Night Live.

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