Question: How do I get Smooth Radio?

You can listen to Smooth Radio live, any time and anywhere in the world, via Global Player, the official Smooth Radio app. Download the Global Player app, or the Smooth Radio app, from App Store or Google Play, and enjoy Your Relaxing Music Mix on the go.

What frequency is Smooth Radio on?

North East England – 97.5/107.7/96.4 FM. Norfolk – 1152 AM. Nottingham – 106.6 FM/101.4 FM.

How can I listen to Smooth Radio on my phone?

Download the Smooth Radio app for iPhone and iPad >Listen to Smooth Radio live and on the move.Check out the playlist for music info and see whats coming up next.Listen again to your favourite shows from the last 7 days.Check the show schedule to see whats coming up.More items

Who plays relaxing on Smooth Radio?

Gary King helps you unwind in the early morning with Your Relaxing Music Mix. Smooths relaxing start to the day with Jenni Falconer every weekday morning featuring Your Relaxing Music Mix. Join in @SmoothRadio. Kate Garraway plays Your Relaxing Music Mix all morning to get your day off to the best possible start.

Who is presenting smooth radio now?

The Smooth Sanctuary at Seven – featuring three hours of relaxing music to help Smooth listeners unwind at the end of the day – will now run seven days a week (7pm to 10pm), hosted by Tina Hobley every Saturday, and Gary Vincent from Sunday to Friday.

Has Tina Hobley left smooth radio?

Smooth Radios drivetime presenter in London, Tina Hobley, is leaving the show after two and a half years but will keep her weekend slot. The former Coronation Street and Holby City actor joined the station in 2013, and added the weekday 4-7pm programme in the capital in January 2017 when she replaced Anthony Davis.

Has Gary King left smooth radio?

The show was reverted into Smooth Sanctuary from 2018. Castle left the station in March 2018 and Gary Vincent fulfilled the presenting duties of the Sunday Smooth Sanctuary. In February 2018, Russ Williams resigned from presenting the Smooth Breakfast Show and was replaced by Gary King.

Can you get Smooth Radio on FM?

Listen to Smooth Radio on DAB Digital or FM and AM Radio You can select Smooth Radio on DAB digital radio, or listen via 97-108 FM.

Who is Tina Hobley married to?

Oliver Wheelerm. 2006 Steve Wallingtonm. 1998–2001 Tina Hobley/Spouse

Who hosts Smooth FM?

Mike Perso & Jennifer Hansen - Smooth.

Who is Eamonn Kelly?

Kelly (known as Ned) is an Irish archaeologist and historian who worked for the Irish Antiquities Division of the National Museum of Ireland from 1975, including as Keeper of Irish Antiquities (1992-2014), Acting Keeper of Art and Industry (2013-2014) and as Acting Director (November 1995-April, 1996).

Is Tina Hobley pregnant?

Despite giving birth less than two months ago, Tina Hobley appears to have regained her pre-pregnancy figure. The 35-year-old gave birth to Olivia Kitty in April - but revealed she was terrified to return to hospital after contractin MRSA on a previous visit.

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