Question: Does Bumble Show your last name?

Theres a dating trend to not always ask your dates last name. Thats because apps like Bumble and Tinder only show first names. Asking a last name is a sign that the relationship is getting serious.

How do you find your name on Bumble?

How can I view my profile as it appears to others?Tap the profile avatar icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.Tap the circular photo of your profile image in the center of the screen (do not tap the pencil icon - this will prompt you to edit your profile)Scroll down to view your profile.

How can you tell if someone deleted their Bumble?

If the user deletes their account on Bumble, you will see a blank cutout picture, and where the name used to be, youll see “deleted account.” As you can see, the messages will still be available, so youll be able to backtrack to see if the person left you their phone number. A deleted account isnt always a bad sign.

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