Question: What are dating ads called?

A personal advertisement, sometimes called a contact ad, is a form of classified advertising in which a person seeks to find another person for friendship, romance, marriage, or sexual activity.

What is a lonely hearts add?

lonely hearts ad in British English (ˈləʊnlɪ hɑːts æd) noun. an advertisement placed by someone who is trying to find a lover or a friend.

What are small ads called?

Classified advertising is a form of advertising, particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals, which may be sold or distributed free of charge. They were also commonly called want ads, starting in 1763, and are sometimes called small ads in Britain.

What are GDN ads?

Google Display Network (GDN) is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where your Google Ads can appear.

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