Question: Can a wife be a girlfriend?

Wife vs Girlfriend The main difference between wife and girlfriend is that the wife is legally married person, whereas a girlfriend could be a friend, but not married.

In California it is legal. As for Maryland you should consult an Attorney there, but I see no problem wtih consenting adults living together.

What is it called when your wife has a girlfriend?

These people practice polyamory, or the practice of having multiple romantic relationships.

How common is cheating in marriages?

How Common Is Cheating in Marriage? “Around 15-20 percent of marriages have infidelity,” explains Leo.

What do you call a woman who breaks up a marriage?

A homewrecker (sometimes styled as home wrecker or home-wrecker) is a person, object or activity that causes or comes close to causing the breakup of a marriage (or similar partnership). The homewrecker is said to have taken one of the spouses away from the marriage, thus wrecking the marital home.

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