Question: Is au pair safe?

Is au pairing a good idea?

Hosting an Au Pair is a great idea, especially if you need flexibility, have at least one child, care about your money, and are concerned with preparing your child for a global society. Your family should consider hosting an Au Pair, depending on your individual needs and expectations.

Is au pair dangerous?

It doesnt matter if there is verbal or physical violence, if its against the au pair, the children or between the host parents - it should be reported to the police immediately. They welcome their au pair and make them a part of their family. Dont be scared to become an au pair and to visit a foreign country!

Why au pairing is bad?

As you are probably aware, the nature of the au pairing system is such that very bad people use it to exploit unsuspecting young foreigners , forcing them to give up their basic rights and often their safety out of fear and migrant vulnerability.

Is au pairing lonely?

While homesickness can strike at any moment, the Holidays can often amplify the feelings of seclusion and loneliness for au pairs in America — especially because they know they wont be home to celebrate with their families.

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