Question: What do you do when youre having trouble finding a love connection?

Why do I feel like Ill never find someone?

Youve got high standards. If youre worried about the fact youll never find love, then chances are your high standards have got something to do with your single status. Never lower them. Too many people settle for something theyre not really sure about, just because they dont want to be alone.

Why do I have a hard time accepting love?

It is difficult to receive romantic love if youre not in a good space within yourself, Cooper-Lovett says. You would often reject things that could potentially make you happy due to the assumption that love would make things worse as if it would not work out, she says.

How can I give and receive love?

We all give and receive love in 5 different ways: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. These are called love languages - a concept created by Dr. Gary Chapman through his long-time work as a marriage counsellor.

How do you overcome fear of not finding love?

If youre single, looking, and feeling lonely, here are ways to overcome that feeling, according to experts:Remember That Being Single Is Not A Death Sentence. Figure Out Where Your Feelings Of Loneliness Come From. Remember That The Grass Isnt Always Greener. Take Some Time To Really Know Yourself.More items •26 Sep 2016

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