Question: What is a female blesser called?

The girls or women who accept the material things a blesser provides are called blessees.

Can a woman be a blesser?

While a blesser can technically be male or female and of any age, many of those using #antiblessers were most concerned about older men lavishing gifts on young girls.

Whats a blesser slang?

A “blesser” in South Africa is kind of like a sugar daddy. Hes an older man who often has multiple girlfriends he lavishes with gifts, in exchange for sex and companionship. The term “blesser first emerged on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What is a blesser trend?

The “blesser and blessee” phenomenon has been prominent in South African media since the year 2016. This is a form of transactional sex in which older rich men (“blessers”) tend to entice young women (“blessees”) with money and expensive gifts in exchange for sexual favors.

Where can I watch Blessers?

Watch Blessers on Showmax.

Are Blessees always female?

The girls or women who accept the material things a blesser provides are called blessees. A blessee is (normally) a young female who is financially cared for by her blesser in exchange for sexual favours or companionship.

What does Roland Muchegwa do for a living?

Uncle Roland is a Zimbabwean socialite who lives in South Africa. He is known for photos and video clips that went viral on social media in 2019.

Who is Uncle Rolland?

Blesser, Uncle Roland Muchegwa OPENS UP on his money fame and the yellowbones! South Africa based blesser Roland Muchegwa popularly known as Uncle Roland says he is unfazed by the all the negative coverage he is getting, declaring that he will go on living large until the end of time!

How old is Uncle Roland?

He calls himself Uncle Roland. The man who was a close friend to Ginimbi was 53 years old as of 2021. Those who know him from high school days say he was academically gifted and multi-lingual, very conversant in many indigenous languages spoken in SADC countries.

How Uncle Rolland made his millions?

The 51-year-old self exiled Zimbabwean socialite who broke the internet with a 30-second video clip featuring two fine fair skinned hotties -young enough to be his daughters-says he acquired his fortune through buying and selling fuel across SADC countries.

Who is Roland Muchengwa?

Roland Muchengwa (real name Isheunesu Rolen Muchegwa) is a South Africa based Zimbabwean socialite known mostly for his pictures and videos that went viral on social media in 2019. Most of the videos and pictures show him enjoying leisure time with some young women friends.

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