Question: What phobia is fear of relationships?

Philophobia is a fear of falling in love. It can also be a fear of getting into a relationship or fear that you will not be able to maintain a relationship. Many people experience a minor fear of falling in love at some point in their lives. But in extreme cases, philophobia can make people feel isolated and unloved.Philophobia

How common is Philophobia?

One of the most common fears is Philophobia which is being afraid of falling in love. According to Health Guidance, 250,000 people are affected by this fear.

Why am I scared of having a relationship?

Lets take a look at the most common reasons people feel scared in relationships: Youre afraid of feeling vulnerable: New relationships are often uncharted territories, and allowing yourself to fall in love can feel risky. This challenges your core defenses, making you feel scared of becoming exposed and vulnerable.

Does philophobia go away?

Phobias such as philophobia can feel overwhelming at times and can severely impact your life, but they are treatable. “They do not have to be prisons by which we confine ourselves,” Dehorty said. “It may be uncomfortable to walk out of them, but it can be done.”

What triggers Philophobia?

Causes of Philophobia The fear of falling in love has many potential causes, including: Past experiences. Traumatic past relationships may contribute to the development of the fear of falling in love. Infidelity, betrayal, or heartbreak can cause you to stay away from romantic relationships.

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