Question: Whats the hardest thing to date in Colombia?

What are some bad things about Colombia?

Downsides of Living in the Cities in Colombia.Need to File Taxes Twice and High IVA Tax.Corruption is Common in Colombia.Exchange Rate is Volatile.Colombia Can Be Dangerous.Cars are Expensive in Colombia.Customer Service is Lacking – Patience is Needed in Colombia.Jobs in Colombia Dont Pay Very Much.More items •May 17, 2019

Where should I live in Colombia?

9 Best Places to Live in Colombia 2021Medellin.Santa Marta.Barranquilla.Bogota.Pereira.Bucaramanga.Cali.Cartagena.More items

Is life good in Colombia?

Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world. If you like warm, tropical weather, then living on the Caribbean coast is perfect for you. A fabulous benefit of living in Colombia is that the weather in the climate you choose remains constant all year long.

What is a middle class wage in Colombia?

In Colombia the numbers are different. A household can be considered middle class if it earns between US$300 and US$850 per month, which is US$10 and US$29 per day. Any household earning anything more that this is considered high class and will be located on the top 10% of the richest in Colombia.

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