Question: What is it like to date a shy guy, especially if he is quiet?

How do shy guys show they like a girl?

Guys usually stare into a girls eyes when theyre interested in them. Look for the opposite and see if the shy guy breaks contact. If he does, chances are, hes into you. Youll notice he doesnt break eye contact with girls he has no feelings for, because theyre just friends to him.

Why is he quiet around?

Hes nervous to make a move If he is quiet around you then it could be the case that he is attracted to you but he is too nervous to make a move. If that is the case then the reason that he gets quiet could be that he is trying to force himself to ask you out in his head but hes too nervous to do so.

How do you know if a shy guy likes you over text?

The following describes ways you can tell if a shy guy likes you through texting.He will text you but will not talk to you in person. He uses emoticons a lot. He responds right away. He asks open-ended questions. He texts you at the same time each day/night. He stops texting when you mention other guys. He compliments you.More items

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