Question: Which region in Ghana has the most beautiful ladies?

Ghanaians have finally made their choices about which region houses the most beautiful women. Commenting under a post by on Facebook, most people chose the Volta Region as the one with the most beautiful women.

Which region is the most beautiful in Ghana?

It is also the location where each Kente Style Tie is handmade. Volta Region Ghana is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Who is the most beautiful lady in Ghana 2020?

Nadia Buari Blessed! On top of the list is the Nadia Buari, a well-known actress from Ghana. Her beauty is not only characterized by her physical appearance but her great mind. At her age, she has achieved a lot.

How old is Akua Ghana Most Beautiful?

Nevertheless, it is verified that she was born on the 13th of October, 1987, in Ghana, which means that Akua GMB age is 33 years. Amoaokowaa is an entrepreneur and a TV presenter. Also, she is the general manager of Angel TV.

Who won Miss Ghana 2020?

Monique Mawulawe Agbedekpui TitleholdersYearMiss GhanaSpecial Awards2017Margaret Mwintuur2018Margaret Derry2019Rebecca Nana Adwoa Kwabi2020Monique Mawulawe AgbedekpuiDue to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, no pageant in 202036 more rows

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