Question: How does camping hook up work?

How does Electric Hook Up Work? You simply need to purchase a safe, robust electric hook up cable (our picks are below) plug it into the point and run the cable into your tent. From there youll be able to plug in standard 3-pin plugs into it and use your appliances (or at least some of them).

How do you plug things when camping?

One option for accessing electricity while camping is to plug in to the cigarette lighter outlet and use the car battery. This will work for charging cell phones and one or two small appliances, but you cant use it for long or it will lower the battery charge too much for the car to start.

Do campsites have plugs?

Most campsites now have electrical access points (ask for a pitch with access when booking), from which youll be able to plug in your cable to their safety checked supply bollards. Electricity. However, its important to understand that caravan and camping hook ups are designed for light power loads only.

Can I use a normal kettle when camping?

Different appliances draw different amounts of current. A domestic kettle is very power-hungry, but you can get a low watt camping kettle. You may avoid overloading the supply by turning off a heater or when using the kettle, for example.

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