Question: Who was Amber Rose with for two years?

Rose has a brother, Antonio Hewlett, and was raised in South Philadelphia. The 37-year-old at first started dating Kanye West in 2008. It went on for two years before she dated rapper Wiz Khalifa in 2011. They were engaged in 2012 and got married in 2013.

Who was Amber Rose in a 2 year relationship with?

Rose dated rapper Kanye West for two years, starting in 2008. She began dating rapper Wiz Khalifa in early 2011. The couple got engaged on March 1, 2012, and married on July 8, 2013.

Is Amber Rose still with?

Rose and Edwards have been together since September 2018 and are parents to Roses younger son, Slash Electric, born Oct 2019. Rose shares her firstborn son, Sebastian, with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

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