Question: Is it safe to send pics on Grindr?

If you think you may be communicating with someone under the age of 18 on Grindr, report it to the app. Having a sexual picture or video of someone under 18 years of age, and sending that picture to other people, is illegal and can lead to criminal prosecution.

How do you send pictures on Grindr?

Sending photosSelect the profile of the user youre chatting to.Select the message icon.Select the camera icon - below the typing bar.Choose from the images youve saved in media - when youve chosen an image, the image will be highlighted.More items

Can you delete a picture you sent on Grindr?

Can I delete a photo sent to Grindr? You can delete one or more photos from the “My Photos” section of your Android device. Grindr Xtra users can select and send / delete multiple images.

Can you take screenshot on Grindr?

Grindr has debuted new safety and security features, as well as a guide, to protect users in anti-LGBTQ countries. Additionally, Grindr will also institute screenshot blocking for conversations, pictures, and profiles, in order to protect users in locations where being LGBTQ is illegal or may put them in danger.

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