Question: How long do deals stay on Groupon?

Promotional value expires 120 days after purchase—This means that after 120 days, the promotional value of your Groupon will expire. But after that period, you can still use your voucher for the amount paid towards the goods or services advertised in the deal at the merchant.

Do Groupon deals really expire?

The paid value of most Local Groupons never expires. This means that unless the fine print states otherwise, after the promotional value expires, you can still redeem your voucher at the merchant for the amount you paid.

What does it mean when promotional value expires?

“FULL OFFER VALUE” means the Amount Paid plus the Promotional Value. “PROMOTIONAL VALUE” means the Full Offer Value less the Amount Paid. “PROMOTIONAL VALUE EXPIRATION DATE” means the date stated on the Voucher when the Promotional Value expires.

What does it mean when a Groupon expires?

Your expired voucher must be redeemed towards the goods or services offered on the Groupon you bought. Some deals, such as ticketed events, may not have any paid value after expiration. If the paid value has an expiration date, you can find that info in the Fine Print.

Can I get a refund for expired Groupons?

You can always get a refund for your purchase from the merchant who issued the voucher, in the minimum amount you paid. This option is available, even if the promotional period of the voucher has expired. You can also return the unredeemed voucher to Groupon within the first three days of purchase.

Can I cancel a Groupon order?

Select the order you want to cancel. If your order is eligible for self-cancellation, youll see an option to Cancel Order. Follow the steps provided to complete cancellation.

Can you cancel a Groupon and get your money back?

In addition, the Groupon refund policy states that: For Local Deals, customers can return any unredeemed Groupon for a refund of the amount paid within the first three days after purchase. After that, all sales are final unless stated otherwise in the Fine Print.

What happens if you dont use a Groupon?

You have 24 hours to use them to purchase a new voucher or vouchers. If you dont make any purchases with your Groupon Bucks within 24 hours, you forfeit your Bucks and Groupon restores the face value of your expired voucher. Your original voucher will become worthless.

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