Question: How scripted is Duck Dynasty?

How scripted was Duck Dynasty?

The situations we see on the show are entirely scripted. However, the Robertson family members, in these situations, are real people and not paid actors. The New York Times has noted that their reporter spent some time with the Robertsons between the first and second seasons.

Do the Robertsons really make the duck calls?

Duck calls are still being produced daily by the Robertsons and friends on the site. You will definitely want to duck into the store and grab some great Duck Commander items to remember your trip.

How much do the cast of Duck Dynasty get paid?

One industry insider estimates that the Duck Dynasty cast, which is paid $200,000 per week to appear on the popular reality show, receives government benefits of $70,000 for every episode of the A&E cable show from the state, even though Louisiana recently slashed funding for health care programs and pension programs

Are Duck Dynasty millionaires?

In addition to Duck Dynasty, the bearded boys and their fam control a massive dynasty thats worth tens of millions of dollars. So just how much are they worth? Lets break down their fortune. Duck calls, the product that made them millionaires, is still the Robertson familys true moneymaker.

Was Jessica married before JEP?

The kids actually did not know that I was married before -- and its something that we were going to share later on when they were a little more mature, she exclusively tells ET. Jep and Jessica now have four children together: Lily, 11, Merritt, 10, Priscilla, 8, and River, 7.

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