Question: Is having a pen pal safe?

You now know that the number one golden rule is that you should never send any money to a pen pal or to someone you have met online to avoid being scammed. You are more than likely to be ghosted by a great many people that you try to start a pen-pal friendship with than come to harm from a pen pal.

How do you know if a penpal is safe?

How to Find a Modern-Day Pen PalWorldwide Snail Mail Pen Pals. Created in 2017, Worldwide Snail Mail Pen Pals is one of the largest and most active free pen pal communities on Facebook. Letter Writers Alliances Pen Pal Swap. PenPal World. Ask Locally (or Start Your Own) Safety Tips.16 Apr 2019

What it means pen pal?

: a friend made and kept through correspondence.

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