Question: What are the best places to go on a first date in San Francisco?

Where should I go on a date in San Francisco?

Outdoorsy Fun Date Ideas in San FranciscoStroll along Lovers Lane. Every city needs a Lovers Lane, right? Hunt for the famous swings. Pet a puppy at Corgi Con! Find the Lands End Labyrinth. Hike to Black Sands Beach. Rent a Rowboat on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Stroll Crissy Field. Battery Point lookout at sunset.More items •29 Jan 2020

Where can I go on a date in the Bay Area?

The Best Bay Area Date IdeasGoing on a Napa Valley Balloon Ride. Exploring the San Francisco Botanical Gardens. Driving to Yosemite for a Camping Trip. Take a Bay Sunset Cruise. A Weekend Trip to Pacifica and the Coast. Going to a Warriors or Giants Game. Explore the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

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