Question: What is your favorite date quote?

Stan Fields : Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date. Cheryl Rhode Island : Thats a tough one. Id have to say April 25th. Because its not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

What is your perfect date quote?

When pageant host William Shatner asks Burns Miss Rhode Island character to describe her “idea of a perfect date,” she infamously responds: “April 25th — because its not too hot, not too cold. “Describe your perfect date.”

How would you describe your perfect date?

In the film, Shatner plays pageant host Stan Fields in the 2000 film when he says, Miss Rhode Island, describe your perfect date, to which the contestant responds, Thats a tough one. Id have to say April 25th, because its not too hot, not too cold.

What day is the perfect day?

A perfect number is a number that is the sum of its factors besides itself, and 6 (1+2+3) and 28 (1+2+4+7+14) are the first two perfect numbers. Hence, June 28 is a perfect day.

Are Sandra Bullock and Heather Burns friends?

Bullock tried to produce a film based on F.X. McConaughey and Bullock met each other while filming A Time to Kill and became friends, dating for a while. Some notable celebrity friends include Heather Burns and Hugh Grant.

Which is the best day in a year?

Why June 28th Is The Only Perfect Day Of The YearAlthough it recurs every year, June 28, or the 28th day of the 6th month, is special. The first mathematically perfect number, 6, with its proper divisors 1, 2, and 3. The various ways to factor the number 6, illustrating its perfection.More items •Jun 24, 2021

How can I have a perfect day?

How to Plan Your Perfect DayMake you more productive.Allow you to work steadily on your career and personal goals.Enable you to make better use of your time.Allow you to make sure that you stay focused on your priorities.Help ensure that youre living on purpose and maximizing your days.More items

Who did the baton twirling in Miss Congeniality?

Heather Burns Heather Burns (who plays Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Frasier) had to learn how to twirl a baton for her role, but drew the line at twirling a fire baton. The crew brought in a professional for the pageant scenes.

What does Miss Congeniality stand for?

The title Miss Congeniality refers to an award given in some pageants to the contestant voted as having the most pleasant personality. Its also sometimes used in a figurative way to refer to a person who is being extra friendly or in an ironic way to someone who is being disagreeable.

What are special days in July?

List of Special Days in July 20211st July: National Doctors day. 2nd July- World UFO Day & World Sports Journalist Day. 1st Saturday of July- International Day of Cooperatives. 6th July- World Zoonoses Day. 11th July- World Population Day. 12th July- World Malala Day. 17th July- World Day for International Justice.More items •Jul 15, 2021

What are things that are perfect?

31 Perfect ThingsA quiet morning.A walk outdoors.Reading one of those books sitting on your shelves.A cup of tea, drunk slowly.Family.A hug.Meditation.An avocado.More items

How have a good day at home?

10 Simple, Sure-fire Ways to Make Today Your Best Day EverBe present. Do less. Get one important thing done. Plan your perfect life. Declutter. Go for a walk. Focus on 3 projects. Listen to great music.More items

Did Sandra Bullock do her own stunts in Miss Congeniality?

5 Bullock and Bratt Did Theor Own Stunts Bullock and Bratt, who played Eric Matthews, got the shortened version. The wrestling scene at the FBI was done by the two actors instead of using stunt doubles. When discussing her stunts, Bullock found doing the pageant scenes much more difficult than her combat scenes.

Can Heather Burns baton twirl?

Acquired Skill. Cheryl Frasiers talent during the pageant was baton twirling, but Heather Burns (the actress who played her) had never done it before. She learned how to twirl normal batons, but drew the line at twirling flaming ones. A stunt double was brought in for those scenes, and she happened to be a Ph.

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