Question: How do I hookup with a friend?

Before you hook up, just be clear about what your expectations and boundaries are. Dont worry, it doesnt have to be a long, deep conversation. Just let your friend know what youre interested in. Start flirting with them, and if they seem into it, see where things go.

What to do when you hook up with a friend?

Weve got a few ideas.Let them know how much you value their friendship. Offer them space. Dont overthink things. Try really, really hard not to hook up with them again. Be honest about your feelings.13 Apr 2019

Is it okay to hookup with a best friend?

Ultimately, the decision to have sex with your best friend is completely up to the two of you and you both have to decide if its worth the risk. If youre friendship is strong enough, as it was for many of these women, itll survive.

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