Question: Does CatholicMatch have a free trial?

How long is the Catholic Match free trial? While some sites offer a limited time free trial, Catholic Matchs is unlimited. When you get joined today, youll be able to take your time setting up your profile and looking through the features and potential matches.

How much does it cost to join CatholicMatch?

Pricing for Each Membership LevelMembership TypeLengthCostPremium Membership1 month$29.99 per monthPremium Membership6 months$14.99 per monthPremium Membership12 months$9.99 per month

Do any dating sites have a free trial?

OkCupid. OkCupid is completely free, it was completely free when it launched in 2004, and the team says it will remain completely free as long as the site is around. Completely free includes sending and receiving messages. OkCupid is also among the most inclusive dating sites in the industry.

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