Question: What is Shakespeares longest play?

The longest play is Hamlet, which is the only Shakespeare play with more than thirty thousand words, and the shortest is The Comedy of Errors, which is the only play with fewer than fifteen thousand words. Shakespeares 37 plays have an average word count of 22.6 thousand words per play.The longest play is Hamlet, which is the only Shakespeare play with more than thirty thousand words, and the shortest is The Comedy of Errors

What is Shakespeares second longest play?

Play LengthsPlayNumber of linesHamlet4024Coriolanus3824Cymbeline3753Richard III371836 more rows

What is Shakespeares longest play how many lines?

4,000 lines Hamlet is quite a bit longer than the average, and at 4,000 lines it is Shakespeares longest play.

What is the shortest scene in a Shakespeare play?

What is the shortest scene in Shakespeares plays? There are three scenes that that are the shortest, they have 4 lines of spoken text. They are: Antony and Cleopatra Act III, Scene 9 Antony and Cleopatra Act IV, Scene 11 The Merry Wives of Windsor Act V, Scene 4.

What is the easiest Shakespeare play to read?

I think Macbeth is the easiest play to start with. It is relatively short and has no sub plots. It is also one of the Shakespeare big four. If I was teaching Shakespeare I would definitely go with Macbeth.

What is the longest monologue in Shakespeare?

The last 71 lines of Act 3, scene 2 of Henry VI: Part 3 comprise the longest soliloquy in all of Shakespeare. Spoken by Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the speech sees Richard outline all those in line to the throne before him, and then set his mind to causing chaos and using duplicity to win the crown for himself.

Who killed Macbeth?

Malcolm Malcolm then gained control of the southern part of Scotland and spent the next three years pursuing Macbeth, who fled to the north. On August 15, 1057, Macbeth was defeated and killed by Malcolm at the Battle of Lumphanan with the assistance of the English.

How old is Macbeth in Shakespeare?

Later that month, Macbeth led his forces to Scone, the Scottish capital, and, at age 35, he was crowned king of Scotland.

What is the hardest Shakespeare to read?

The toughest I think is King Lear. because its so hard to stay with the story. The point is that the King is a fool, and mistakes good people for bad, and bad people for good, and winds up out in the cold. But its hard to read all that foolishness, and treachery, and cruelty.

What is Shakespeares most difficult play?

Shakespeares most complex play has it all: Cymbeline at University Theatre.

What is the shortest act in Macbeth?

The phrase There Will Be Blood could easily be a summary of Macbeth. Heres the shortest summary of the play: Three witches prophesy to Macbeth, telling him that hell be made Thane of Cawdor as well as King of Scotland.

What does Juliet say before dying?

Hoping she might die by the same poison, Juliet kisses his lips, but to no avail. Hearing the approaching watch, Juliet unsheathes Romeos dagger and, saying, “O happy dagger, / This is thy sheath,” stabs herself (5.3. She dies upon Romeos body.

Who was not born of a woman in Macbeth?

nobleman Macduff Unfortunately for Macbeth, the Scottish nobleman Macduff was from his mothers womb/ Untimely ripped, and thus not naturally born of woman (V. vii). Macduff was the only agent capable of destroying Macbeth. He killed Macbeth in battle.

What was Macbeths first name?

Macbeth Macbeth, King of Scotland/Full name

What is Macbeths full name?

Macbeth Macbeth, King of Scotland/Full name

Which Shakespeare is the easiest to read?

“A Midsummer Nights Dream” Probably the most performed, and generally acknowledged as the most accessible Shakespeare play, its the perfect example of his comedy, in both senses of the word.

What is King Lears tragic flaw?

In William Shakespeares King Lear, king Lears hamartia (tragic flaw) is his arrogance and excessive pride.

What is the easiest Shakespeare to read?

If I was teaching Shakespeare I would definitely go with Macbeth. Romeo and Juliet is very easy too, but Ive had a bit too much of that play. The hardest, I dont know, perhaps one of the history plays. Id say the easiest is along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar.

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