Question: How many days do you need in Hangzhou?

How Many Days to Stay in Hangzhou. Usually 2 to 3 days for main attractions inside Hangzhou, you may extend your visiting days according to your interests on other attractions outside the city. You can also consider a connecting trip with Shanghai, only one hour by high-speed train.

How long does it take to walk around West Lake Hangzhou?

Hangzhous main attraction is the freshwater West Lake. Taking about 5 hours to walk around in its entirety it is divided up by a couple of causeways and overlooked by the Leifeng Pagoda which dates back to 975 AD.

Why should you visit Hangzhou?

The people, the temples, the food, the street life and above all the lake are all as charming, peaceful and beautiful as they were centuries ago, and continue to inspire poetry and romantic legends. Here are our top 12 reasons why you should not miss this city in China.

How much is the bullet train from Shanghai to Hangzhou?

Shanghai to Hangzhou High-Speed Trains The 196 km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Shanghai and Hangzhou. 156 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Shanghai to Hangzhou between 01:05AM and 10:25PM every day. The duration is around 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD16 to USD39.

Is Hangzhou an expensive city?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 586$ (3,775¥) without rent. Hangzhou is 55.38% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Hangzhou is, on average, 80.75% lower than in New York.

What is special about Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is famous for its tea and silk. Hangzhou is the birthplace of Dragon Well (Longjing) tea, which is the most famous green tea in China and ranked as first among Chinas top 10 teas. Ever since ancient times, Hangzhou, known as the Capital of Tea in China, has been a famous tea-production base in China.

Which is better Suzhou or Hangzhou?

Some people wonder how to choose between Hangzhou and Suzhou when planning a trip to China and which one is better. Hangzhou is renowned for West Lake and its activities to experience the tea culture there. Suzhou is renowned for its classic gardens and water towns with quieter environments.

How much is bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing?

Shanghai to Beijing Bullet Train PriceBusiness Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class SeatCNY 1,748 - 1,762.5 USD 271 - 273CNY 933 - 939 USD 145 - 146CNY 553 - 558 USD 86 - 87

Is Hangzhou a good place to live?

The expat community in Hangzhou is generally very supportive. Many people who become an expat in Hangzhou stay here for a long time. Its a desirable Chinese city to live in and most people have positive things to say about living here.

Is living in Hangzhou expensive?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 566$ (3,664¥) without rent. Hangzhou is 56.60% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Hangzhou is, on average, 80.86% lower than in New York.

Do they use toilet paper in China?

Most public restrooms in China do not provide any toilet paper, while others provide a common roll for visitors to use.

Do people in Hangzhou speak English?

English is not widely spoken, though the more expensive hotels will likely have staff who speak at least basic English.

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