Question: How can I make money talking to guys?

Can you get paid to talk to guys?

FriendPC lets you get paid to talk with lonely guys that looking for a friend. And almost all types of contact you can think of can be used: a text message, a chat room, an online call, or even just a phone call.

Can I get paid for talking to guys online?

Fiverr is a site that lets you get paid in the ways you want to get paid. So, if you want to get paid by flirting with guys online, then thats one way you might be able to earn some extra cash! Unlike other freelance marketplaces, Fiverr has a unique model that lets each freelancer set up gigs doing what they want.

How much can you make on Flirtbucks?

How Much Money Can You Make on FlirtBucks. For someone who will only chat through text, they can easily make about $12 in a day by working moderately. However, if you can level yourself up and video chat with clients, you can earn about $60 in a day.

Where can I get paid to text someone?

Get Paid To Receive Texts Apps:McMoney. McMoney is an android app that helps companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars on aimless marketing campaigns by verifying its new users to test and improve their SMS marketing to all around the world. The Free Eats Network. Ispyplates. 1Q. IMGR. KGB. JustAnswer. Fiverr.More items

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